Dickerson: I'll never go to Rams games as long as Fisher is coaching

Eric Dickerson’s feud with the Los Angeles Rams has reached the next level.

Dickerson – who previously claimed an unnamed member of the Rams upper management told him not to be on the sidelines during games – identified head coach Jeff Fisher as the one who didn’t want him at games because of criticisms the former Rams running back made in the media.

The Hall of Famer told Fox Sports Radio that he will never come to another Rams game as long as Fisher is coaching the team.

Dickerson, who has a sideline pass from the Hall of Fame, claims Fisher called him to two weeks earlier to tell him to refrain from attending games.

“We, as the Rams, we’re not going to have you talking about the team and asking things from the team,” Fisher said, according to Dickerson. “We’re not going to do that … We’re not going to have you talking about the team and then have you on the sidelines.

“The players feel uncomfortable with you on the sidelines and as long as I’m head coach here, you can come to the games, but we’re not going to have you on the sidelines.”

Dickerson thanked Fisher for calling him to pass along the news himself, but had some words of his own for the coach.

“I’ve been in L.A. for 30 years. You think I’ve been waiting on the Rams to come back? I said, I don’t need the Rams.” Dickerson said he told Fisher. “… Jeff, first of all, I wore the Rams uniform. You could get fired, (general manager) Les Snead could get fired, (VP of football operations) Kevin Demoff can get fired, but I will always be Eric Dickerson of the Los Angeles Rams.

“That’s why I wear that gold jacket, to say what I can say. I’m not trying to hurt the players. I love the players. I’m a player, I’m always a player first. I don’t want to hurt my players.”

After voicing some other issues about Fisher and the Rams, Dickerson made his stance clear to the Rams coach: “As long as you’re head coach, you don’t ever have to worry about seeing me at a Rams game ever again.”

Fisher and Demoff have denied telling Dickerson he was not welcome.

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