Nebraska's Rose-Ivey to meet with Governor about anthem kneeling

The Associated Press 35m ago

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Gov. Pete Ricketts has agreed to meet with one of the Nebraska football players he criticized for kneeling during the national anthem at the Cornhuskers’ most recent game.

Michael Rose-Ivey and two teammates each took a knee before last Saturday’s game at Northwestern as a protest against policy brutality and racial injustice. After Ricketts called the act ”disgraceful” and ”disrespectful,” Rose-Ivey tweeted at Ricketts that he would like to discuss the issue with him.

Ricketts on Tuesday night responded on Twitter: ”Thanks for reaching out. Direct message me your information, and we will get something set up right away!”

Also Tuesday, Rose-Ivey and teammates Mohamed Barry and DaiShon Neal were criticized by two university regents, but received support from the university president.

Regent Hal Daub of Omaha and Jim Pillen of Columbus said the anthem protest was in poor judgment.

”They’re wearing a University of Nebraska uniform, and all student-athletes should be aware that their actions reflect not only on themselves but everyone else,” Daub said. ”It wasn’t their forum to take advantage of and use as a Colin Kaepernick cloning situation. Everyone will say the First Amendment gives them the right, but they shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the captive market of the football team and the university’s reputation.”

Daub said he has received a large number of phone calls and emails from the public and ”most of the people I talk to are disappointed and embarrassed.”

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