Jansen: Dodgers 'still the best team in baseball' after snapping losing skid

Kenley Jansen couldn't care less about the Cleveland Indians' 20-game win streak.The Los Angeles Dodgers closer was given the daunting task of locking down his club's first win in 12 games Tuesday, and he pulled through with 1 1/3 innings versus the rival San Francisco Giants.Though the Dodgers hadn't won

Oh, now Kenley Jansen 'loves' Dodgers fans

The day was Oct. 10, just last fall. A Monday. At noon, the freeway running through downtown Los Angeles was at a stop and would be for the distant future. Just too many cars. Thereā€™d be a baseball game in about an hour just up the road, maybe three or

Jansen calls out Dodgers fans for not voting Turner, Seager into ASG

Los Angeles Dodgers fans have disappointed their closer.Despite sitting at the top of the National League West, the Dodgers discovered Sunday that they won't have a single starter in the All-Star Game on July 11 at Marlins Park.That omission doesn't sit well with Kenley Jansen. Though the Curacao native will

Walk the walk: The night Jansen became great

Kenley Jansen was a good pitcher. A good closer. Nothing wrong with Kenley Jansen. You could win a lot of games with Kenley Jansen in the ninth inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers did.

Jansen adds credence to Gagne's comeback bid: 'He doesn't look 40'

If Eric Gagne feels he's ready to return to Major League Baseball, mark Kenley Jansen down as a believer.The retired Canadian pitcher recently expressed he was considering a major-league comeback, and after giving some of the Los Angeles Dodgers an inside look at his stuff while working out at the