Camp scuffle the norm in Seattle

RENTON, Wash. – It began with some garden variety pushing and shoving, escalated into a scrum that crashed through a water cooler, then ended with a sucker punch and an ejection.

Michael Bennett threatens media boycott over Seattle Times column

Michael Bennett has not been pleased with his treatment in the media lately, and it doesn't look like things will be changing on that front anytime soon.After engaging in a war of words with ESPN hot take artist Stephen A. Smith, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end has taken aim at

New Seattle defensive back Mike Tyson has heard all your jokes

When you go through life with a name like “Mike Tyson,” you get used to hearing the jokes. All the jokes. Over and over and over again. But when you’re good enough to get drafted in the NFL, well, the jokes aren’t so much of a problem.he’s heard it before</a>."