Watch: Back-to-back half-court shots win students free tuition

East Tennessee State‘s Devontavius Payne and T.J. Cromer gained two new fans on Monday night thanks to some pinpoint shooting from half court.

During the school’s annual “Bluenanza” event, two Buccaneer students each selected a player from the team to attempt a half-court shot. If the player made the long-distance toss, their student would receive free tuition.

Payne promptly stepped up and drilled the half-court heave, making a winner out of student Garrett Pack. Not to be outdone, student Jeremiah Pearson selected Cromer, who poured in a half-court shot of his own.

Whose shot was better? The nod goes to Payne who clearly stated just before shooting, “You’re about to go to school for free.”

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