Watch: Florida gets Steve Spurrier in on April Fools' joke

Former Florida head coach and Heisman winner Steve Spurrier will go down as one of the most colorful characters in college football history.

Retired and working as an ambassador and consultant for the Gators’ athletic department, Spurrier was part of a university-wide prank on April Fools’ Day.

“Hey Gator fans, this is Steve Spurrier. I have been recently notified that our university president Kent Fuchs has the dumbest idea of any university president I have ever heard of,” the Hall of Famer said in his familiar twang. “He wants to rename ‘The Swamp’ to something else. He wants to get rid of our mascot. I don’t understand this guy.”

After describing how he coined the term “The Swamp” for the Gators’ home field, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Spurrier told viewers to voice their displeasure with the administration.

“I urge you to get on social media and let our university president know what a stupid idea he has,” Spurrier said.

Just hearing the 71-year-old say “social media” would have been good enough, but only Spurrier could get away, albeit jokingly, with slamming a school president in that manner.

The university posted another video saying the school is considering changing the team name from the Gators to something else.

One student suggested the Mosquitoes, with the following rationale: “There’s a lot of them, they’re annoying, and I feel it really represents Florida.”

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